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Orange, Bee, and Snow Mountain

Ma Haijiao | 2021 | China | 4min |


A bee flies out from the “blooming flower” dynamic wallpaper of the smartphone, and then flies into the front camera of the phone. After that, the bee flies in the operation interface of the phone and finally flies out from the rear camera. The director structures the film in the way of association, by building up an orange indoor space and imaginatively processing images of “flowers”, “snow mountain” and “orange”, which are derived from the smartphone UI.


Ma Haijiao

Ma Haijiao studied from 2009 to 2016 at the China Academy of Art, where he gained a BA and then an MFA. He now lives and works in Beijing. His art practice has an enduring concern with the daily “routine” of life, and taking this as his starting point, he traces its logic to shape video narratives and other works. He was a nominee for the JIMEI x ARLES Discovery Award, 2020. He won the prize of EACA (East Asian Contemporary Art) in 2019, he was a finalist of the Huayu Youth Award in Art Sanya 2018, and a finalist for the 10th Three Shadows Photography Award, he was a nominee for the A021xPORSCHE Young Chinese Artist of the Year, 2017. His work was collected by art institutions such as Smart Museum of Art (Chicago) and Power Station of Art (Shanghai).