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Paper Plane

Dominic Yeh | 2021 | China | 4min59sec |


2020; Wuhan during lockdown; 76 days. A romantic and silent story happened. They use paper planes to tell their feelings, and the paper planes like hope. On the other side, there was a passerby who saw the whole process and felt an unspeakable mood that combines happiness with depression and longing. After watching it, he deeply smoked a cigarette and then disappeared with a covered mask on his face. Anyway, life has to go on.


Dominic Yeh

Dominic Yeh, born in 1998, writer, director, songwriter and actor. In 2017, he was admitted to the Performing Department of Dongguk University. In 2018, he founded 2666 Film Studio (international team) as a screenwriter, director and composer after self-studied. The work IN THE MUD was selected at the Cannes Film Festival (Short Film Corner), Clermont Film Festival in France, transferred to the London School of Art LCC, won 10 international awards, and more than 20 finalists.