Street Knight

Ge Xiaoying | 1990 | | 92 | Fiction


A movie theater bicycling staff accidentally crashed to a pregnant woman Zhao Xia in a rainy night. He sent Zhao Xia to the hospital immediately. At the hospital, Zhao Xia held him back and told the doctor that he was her husband. The staff was unable to leave, and the hospital withheld a copy of the film as a deposit. His wife at home also misunderstood him because he had to pay for a pregnant woman’s surgery.

Ge Xiaoying

Ge Xiaoying, female, born in 1947, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. In 1969, she graduated from Central Academy of Drama, majoring in directing. She later worked as the director of Shaanxi Provincial People's Art Theater. In 1976, she was transferred to Nantong Studio and wrote many plays of Shaoxing Opera, such as FLOWER CLUSTER. In 1980, she transferred to the director department of Nanjing Film Studio. Later she served as the director of Beijing Youth Film Studio and lecturer of Film Academy. The TV series YAN FENG YING, which she co-directed, won the first prize of the 8th Flying Heaven Award. Her works include THE HOMEBOUND CRANES, XIANG AI ZAI XI SHUANG BAN NA, ZUI CHANG DE CAI HONG, DAO DAN BU DUI, MA LU QI SHI, DUO MENG SHI JIE, etc.