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Uncle Guo’s DreamWorks

World Premiere Guo Shuang | 2019 | China | 94min | Documentary
Guo Shuang | Zhou Wei | Ouyang Linmao


Guo Jiang is a person who has participated in the art test and he graduated from college and chose to enter the industry of “art training”. He positions his role as both an educator and a businessman, but most of the time, he likes to appear as ” Teacher Guo”. Guo’s stage of showing his fists is a small county in central Henan, which is also his hometown. This documentary film is Guo Jiang’s career and life, including how he handles his students (clients), how to deal with his relationship with partners, how to deal with competitors, how to deal with marriage matters. How to respond to the parents, as for the ex-girlfriend who has already entered the stage of marriage, let him rack his brains and even exhausted his body… Everything is like a game, only the one playing can understand the feeling. In short, between desire and the “ideal”, stick to it or let it go, he needs to make a choice.


Guo Shuang

Guo Shuang was born in the post-80s generation in Henan graduated from Communication University of China. His representative works include columns show MY DREAM(2017), BEST FRIEND(2018), MIDNIGHT SNACK(2018). He made his documentary UNCLE GUO’S DREAMWORKS independently in 2019.

Director's statement

To some extent, I am the beneficiary of the art test, which has changed my life. For a child from Henan, the college entrance exam is a battle of life and death. By contrast, the promise of changing the destiny through the art test is much gentler, at least on the surface. In order to enter the ideal university, many children who have ordinary results turned their attention to the art test. They hope that there will be an ‘art special’ blessing and can open the door of luck that belongs to them. The reality is much more complicated. The art test has already been industrialized today, and some of my friends have joined the gold rush. Guo Jiang is one of them. The process of filming this documentary is also a process of constant questioning: Why did the beneficiaries of the art test like Guo Jiang finally return to the small county? Can art tests really change our destiny? This is the original intention that I pick up the camera. It films the children and teacher and it mirrors my life in the past.

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