Ye Daying | 1995 | China | 120min | Fiction / War
Ye Daying丨Li Zhijian丨Lu Wei丨Zhang Li丨Wang Shuo丨He Xiaoli


RED CHERRY tells the story of Chinese orphans Chu Chu and Luo Xiaoban, who are sent to the Ivanov International Children’s Institute in the suburbs of Moscow in the winter of 1940. They go to separate cities for summer camp. The German invasion of Moscow causes Chu Chu to witness death once again, and herself is captured by the Germans and falls into the hands of a German general who has a fetish for tattooing and painting on women’s bodies. The nightmares continue from then on, while Luo Xiaoban works as a “black messenger” in the rear delivering notices of death.


Ye Daying

Director and scriptwriter, born in 1958 in Changchun, Jilin Province. He graduated from the Directing Major of Beijing Film Academy. From 1988, he wrote the screenplay THE TROUBLESHOOTERS together with Wang Shuo, and directed his first fiction film DA CHUAN QI in the same year. He directed the film RED CHERRY, which won the Best Picture of Golden Rooster Awards, the Best Picture and Best Leading Actress of Bai Hua Award, the Best Leading Actress Award at 2nd Shanghai International Film Festival. In 1998, He directed the romantic film RED LOVERS, which won the Jury Prize and Best Leading Actress Award at the 22nd Cairo International Film Festival. He also directed films and television series including MY FATHER AND I, THE SENIOR GENERAL CHEN-GENG etc.