When the film festival becomes a special scene, bringing together the eyes of old and new friends, we look forward to nurturing precious imprints through time.

For fifteen years, young creators in the new waves have taken root in FIRST and grown rapidly, bringing similar souls together to witness and participate.

Setting footsteps in Chengdu from Xining, FIRST tries to develop character in the intimate dialogues between films, cities, and people. Those who watch, participate, and accompany FIRST are all components of a complete life.

FIRST Fantastic Film Festival Chengdu looks forward to showing more diversified creativity, leveraging on volunteers’ kinship in Chengdu and a more practical perspective while continuing to resonate with the film festival and the city, arousing audiences’ in-depth understanding and recognition of local culture.

The official volunteer service time of FIRST Fantastic Film Festival Chengdu 2021 is: September 18th-26th, 2021 [total 9 days].

Please click here for the guidance on how to became a volunteer.For any inquiries, please contact us via volunteer@firstfilm.org.cn