As the festival steps into its 17th year, FIRST volunteers, with their unique ‘wild’ core and professionalism, have become a vivid sample of the diverse dimensions of youth culture, building a unique and creative volunteer ecology with their dedication, enthusiasm and fearlessness, regardless of motivation.

They contribute to a unique and creative volunteer service ecology, breaking the barriers and embracing symbiosis from the standpoint of a vocalist, devoting themselves to the love of film art. In the dialogue between light and shadow, the deep connection between film and culture is realized, and the film festival is injected with vivid vitality and unlimited possibilities.

When the festival becomes a special venue, bringing together the eyes of old and new friends, we expect to cultivate precious marks with time, gathering similar souls, having close relationships, working and growing, and moving forward with certainty.

2023 The 17th FIRST volunteer recruitment has opened, starting from 7th April to 5th May. Please see the regulation below.

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