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FIRST International Film Festival Xining recruits about 200 volunteers every year. The dedication and endeavor of volunteers help provide a gluttonous feast of films for audience, cinephiles and film insiders. 

Volunteer culture is a feature of FIRST International Film Festival Xining. Volunteers expresses their worship and addiction of film arts by their participation. Thanks to their devotion, dedication and discretion, FIRST International Film Festival can rapidly grow into a significant camp of emerging filmmakers in this country. We seek volunteers locally, nationally and internationally. Volunteers from Xining, every corner of China, and even overseas universities, gather in FIRST just out of their enthusiasm for film. 

FIRST volunteers is the major force driving the festival’s smooth operation, they assume a variety of pivotal roles and assist in all areas of the film festival. Beyond the annual film festival, the festival committee has events and programs that rely on the help of volunteers to make them happen, such as the press conference and public program. Volunteers provide their service during the film festival, in the meantime, there will be some exciting benefits. They are the first audiences of a bunch of new films, and have the access to senior insiders or even some big names in the film industry. 

By volunteering for our film festival, they will earn an one-of-a-kind experience. 

The submission deadline for the 15th FIRST is Apr 19, 2021.

Please click here for the guidance on how to became a volunteer.For any inquiries, please contact us via

From July 25 to Aug 2, 2021, FIRST International Film Festival will be held in Xining, the entrance of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. We welcome worldwide volunteers, filmmakers, and cinephiles to join us and enjoy this carnival!