Debut Spotlight

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Eventually, we realized that this world relies on ceremonies.

Being in a clean and bright room, it’s not easy to sense the poetry in the air, which has the power to bring a dry soul back to life. In the communication accompanied by assembly, complicated process, fancy-looking invitations and conversations with no hearts, it is so hard to feel. For every individual that is trapped here, this is a special yet familiar moment. It is special because you seldom experience such crazy parties; it is familiar because every face seems to be seen somewhere else before.

The people don’t have the time to say goodbye need to create a farewell scene, while the people who are late always wears a shiny yet inappropriate watch. People always pretend to smile. They walked by too many artificial scenery and when they are eventually in the forest, there is nothing they can do but look around and feel lost. They realized that there is no one need to be flattered, only the silent trees and stones company.

We are so happy to see that there are people starting an expedition regardless its meaninglessness. In the wilderness, they are willing to try every possibility, just to invent a new tool, create a new language, or find a new approach to feel.

They get used to loneliness and gradually sharpen their sensibilities. The grass by the riverside whispers withe breeze at quiet night and the sand and dust bumps under the shadow of a withered tree. In the expedition, the ones who are left behind left their arms. In the searching, unsettled souls reveals themselves with those who are living. These hidden pieces of lives appears and build a different new level. The wind praises and the earth sends its regards. There comes into being a never known before ceremony.

They started to create poetry in life and nature. In the end, this world relies on ceremonies but they are not in that clean, bright room. They awaits to be praised and this is never just a game.