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Elephant in the Car

World Premiere Ikram Nurmehmet | 2019 | China | 18min | Short
Ikram Nurmehmet | Wang Yida | Zhang Mingxi | Du Man | Zheng Xiaofa


An ordinary work night in Beijing , Xiao got home late from work. She ordered an Uber car-pool the way home, and the driver picked up other carpoolers on the way: two Uyhgur boys who lives in Beijing. As soon as they got in the car they started talking in a language that no one else understands, which made Xiao and the driver uncomfortable. Driver had to find a way to talk to those guys at the back: turns out they from Xinjiang. The driver started chatting with them, and had really hit it off; they even played music out loud and danced. But Xiao in the front seat couldn’t fit in with them. When the driver was about to play another song, she told the driver she wanted to get off the car before her destination.


Ikram Nurmehmet

Ikram Nurmehmet graduated from Marmara university (2016) majoring in Art Of Cinema and TV. After graduation, Ikram focuses more on Chinese Minority themed films and stories, and at the same tie directs and produces short documentary films.

Director's statement

Every ordinary day passes by , every moment, every second, our experience is unique and irreplaceable .When these experiences transform into memory, it goes with you the rest of your life, no matter it’s good or bad. It might be the little things like a smile you saw on a subway , also could be heavy things like no one will ever forget what Hitler looks like. It works for the Uyghur songs in this film: whether they like it or not , they will have to live with it for the rest of their life.

<Elephant in the Car> Trailer