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Lady Bug

World Premiere Wu Xia | 2021 | China | 82min | Fiction
Wu Xia, Lang Qunli, Gao Zhao Qingya, Dou Xinhao, Wu Chao, Kong Songjin, Jiang Xinyue, Chen Shuai, Cao Bingkun, Liu Lu, Li Mengnan, Teng Fei, Xiao Yingjun, Xu Chen, Bai Shui, Yan Yiping


In a small town in the north, Xu Maomao suddenly found herself in the pursuit of beauty. To find the true self, she tailored a special skirt with the help from her friend, Little Tailor. The parents and teachers are concerned about this, but Maomao tries to achieve understanding.


Wu Xia

Wu Xia graduated from Beijing Film Academy. She is a young director and screenwriter in mainland China. Winner of the New Screenwriter Award at the 2016 Beijing Youth Film Festival, and the Golden Character Award, the highest award of the Film Academy, both in Script and Short Film unit.

Director's statement

As many people grow up, there must be one thing that allows you to break the norm, or rather, break out of your cocoon. For the girl in the story, Xu Mao Mao, making a dress that truly fits her preferences and wearing her own dress when everyone else is wearing a uniform is how she breaks the norm, and it is because she struggles to grow in such a reckless way that her beauty blossoms. This is a skirt triggered by the growth storm, is also a small-town girl’s fashion rhapsody, but also a brave move to break the ‘rules.’ When the storm whistled, maybe everything will return to calm, yet broken and torn is ultimately irreparable, spring buds that break out of the ground if not destroyed by the storm, will continue to grow at will. This is the story of the girl Xu Maomao, and it is not only the story of the girl Xu Maomao…

Lady Bug