Mariposa Apartment

World Premiere Ji Jinglu | 2020 | China | 14min | Short
Ji Jinglu丨Qian Yingying丨Qi Menghan丨Lin Yi丨Li Yong


November 2019, In the Mariposa Apartment, I recorded a soundtrack of a fight between my boyfriend and me. Starting with a therapy room, the therapist helps the young couple return to the time when this “original soundtrack” happened. At that time, the young couple doesn’t feel like themselves anymore…


Ji Jinglu

Ji Jinglu is a filmmaker and a visual artist. Her film and video installation have been shown globally in multiple film festivals and galleries. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago and studied in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and American Film Institute for her MFA in studio art and directing respectively.

Director's statement

Making the film MARIPOSA APARTMENT is a challenge to my emotion and the discovery of the form of cinema. It’s a film combined with documented sound, contemporary dance, and fictional drama. It’s in a way like a performative documentary but also a drama. The document part is the original recording from 2019, and it’s also the starting point of this film. I tried to use dance to present the crazy status when two people are in an abusive relationship or say domestic violence. When people are in that mode, their moves become irrational, non-human, and out of control. I tried to explore the happening, experiences, and consequences in the intimate relationship.

Mariposa Apartment