No Flowers or Seasons

Yu Chia-Hsuan | 2020 | Taiwan, China | 29min | Short
Yu Chia-Hsuan | Lin Shaoci | Chen Shaojun | Luo Yue | Li Jiawei | Huang Weixuan | Guo Yutong | Zhou Zhen | Wang Yuzhao | Chen Youxuan | Guo Meihua | Shi Yayun | Shi Jiajia


Living in her grandma’s house that has been converted into a secret gambling den, the girl faces constant harassment as she struggles to earn money to pay for her upcoming graduation trip. Surrounded by sly neighbors, the girl must choose between her ethics and desires.


Yu Chia-Hsuan

Yu Chia-Hsuan studied acting at the Taipei National University of Art. In 2019, she made and acted her graduation film, NO FLOWERS OR SEASONS. She currently works as a filmmaker in addition to acting and screenwriting.

Director's statement

Poverty has never been an issue, “Uneven distribution of resources” is. But most of the time we can only see: poverty, family issues, rising crime. May the film give you a new understanding and thinking? Some chance only shows up once in a lifetime.

<No Flowers or Seasons> Trailer