The Dragon Head Tree

World Premiere Wang Jiaqi | 2020 | United Kingdom/China | 7min | Short
Wang Jiaqi丨Liu Zhiyi丨Lu Yin


This film is about a dead dragon. It’s about how he has been caught and been eaten. He was a magical creature from the ideal world. After he died, he becomes a symbol for people.


Wang Jiaqi

Wang Jiaqi is an animation director and illustrator. Her film 2.3 x 2.6 x 3.2 won Best Student Animation Film at the Monstra Festival and was selected for the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, and Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Director's statement

The film will be made in a documentary style to make people believe in this story. Perhaps this story happened before, just like the song OMOIDE:“In the high and away sky, the white cloud which is stretching his arms. The breathing of you is floating tranquility and slightly.”

The Dragon Head Tree