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The Lovely Widow and Her Annoying Son

World Premiere Wang Kai | 2019 | China | 127min | Documentary
Wang Kai


The film is a story based on a son, who is with a sense of guilt, tries to explore himself and reflect the relationship with his mother after his father passed away. With the help of the camera, the son attempts to build a type of dialogical mode with his mother, which is different from the one occurred beyond their general mother-son relationship. Indeed, finding a common sense with his mother, in terms of their real life, was triggered by their generational gap embodied in their conflicts. And he wished to establish a multi-angle understanding with each other and life with his mother through reflecting the past and creating productive argument. If camera could strengthen each of their perspectives more independently during their time, to what extent did they acquire empathy?


Wang Kai

Wang Kai is a filmmaker who was born in 1989. He started his exploration in an experimental documentary in 2017. Now he is living and studying in the UK.

Director's statement

The director attempts to use everyday camera-recording to trigger more communication with his mother in order to solve the generation gap in language and value. He tried to provide more possibilities with his mother to rethink their present living status, their past and social impacts on their private life, rather than indulging in emotional complaints or chronic self-accusation. However, even though the camera indeed helped them to achieve a deeper heart-to-heart conversation, he was not sure, to what extent did they establish empathy to life.

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