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This Too Shall Pass

Asian Premiere Li Baojiu | 2020 | China | 74min | Documentary
Li Baojiu | Chen Jingsu | Zhang Min | Li Xingyu


THIS TOO SHALL PASS fully documented a week-long ‘uprooting’ of one’s ancestral grave, with over three hundred years of history, so the forefathers ‘live to see another day’ at their new resting place.


Li Baojiu

Li Baojiu, male, is a professional artist and filmmaker, who was born in Hebei, China, in 1991. Li has dropped out from Tianjin Academy of Fine Art and currently works and lives in Beijing.

Director's statement

I didn’t really make this documentary thinking that I was a director or a filmmaker. To me, the value of documentation is far more important than the film itself. Therefore, in an era of digital media, if we could gain a new perspective through our visual or sensual experience, then to whether a filmmaker or a viewer, it is far more praiseworthy than one could describe.

<This Too Shall Pass> Trailer