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Sacrificed Youth

Zhang Nuanxin | 1985 | China | 96min | Fiction
Zhang Nuanxin, Lu Xiaowei丨Mu Deyuan, Deng Wei丨Wang Yanjin, Li Yongxin丨Zhai XIaosong, Liu Suola丨Li Fengxu, Feng Yuanzheng, Guo Jianguo, Song Tao


When Li Chun, a young intellectual woman, first arrived at Dai, she could not fit in with anyone else. The beautiful girl in the village often mocked her for this. During a fair, Li Chun met Ren Jia and became close. At a dinner party to celebrate the harvest, Li Chun realised that her elder brother was in love with her, but she could not accept his love just because she was not a real Dai. In the end, she had to leave and finally became a teacher of a primary school in the mountains. Years later, Li Chun returned to the city to go to university, at the same time Ren Jia and the villagers died in a mudslide.


Zhang Nuanxin

Zhang Nuanxin, she enrolled in the Department of Directing of Beijing Film Academy in 1958, and after graduating in 1962, she stayed in the same department as professor. Her films include, THE DRIVE TO WIN, SACRIFICED YOUTH, GOOD MORNING, BEIJING, and A YUNNAN STORY.