Stand Straight, Don'T Bend Over

Huang Jianxin | 1993 | China | 112min | Fiction
Huang Jianxin丨Ding Xiaopeng丨Da Shichang, Feng Gong, Niu Zhenhua, Fu Lili, Liu Xiaohui


When Gao Wen, a writer, moves into his new home, where he encounters a tough neighbour, Zhang Yongwu. Before him, Zhang and his wife had driven out four neighbours for various disputes. No one dares to confront him in the apartment. When Zhang found out Gao’s occupation, Zhang was quite polite to the Gao’s family, but he still held grudges with Cadre Liu next door for his dog.
Soon after, Zhang Yongwu quit his job to start a lobster business and life became much easier for him. Suspecting that he was engaged in illegal hooks, Cadre Liu sent his daughter to Zhang’s family to investigate in the name of looking for a job. As time goes by, Zhang’s business expanded and Cadre Liu also made a fortune with Zhang Yongwu, his former rival. Gao Wen witnessed it all, and couldn’t stay out of it ……


Huang Jianxin

Huang Jianxin is a director, producer and actor. He has directed 16 films including THE BLACK CANNON INCIDENT, DISLOCATION, BACK TO BACK, FACE TO FACE, THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC and 1921, with which he has received dozens of awards. He won Best Director at the Golden Rooster Awards, the Huabiao Film Awards and Beijing College Student Film Festival and Outstanding Director at the China Film Directors' Guild. He also won Best Screenwriter at the Golden Rooster Awards, Huabiao Film Awards, Changchun Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, etc. He supervised the production of more than 60 films, including THE WARLORDS, THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN, OPERATION MEKONG, MY PEOPLE MY COUNTRY, and THE BATTLE AT LAKE CHANGJIN. He served as vice chairman of China Film Association and president of China Film Directors' Guild. Currently, he is vice chairman of Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles and chairman of Beijing Film Association. In 2005, he was awarded “National Outstanding Film Artist” by the national Ministry of Personnel.