The Way Winter Comes

World Premiere Wang Zichen | 2022 | China | 15min | Short


This is a story about a solitary and wild boy with hearing disorder who lives in the village. On one of the dull days during his youth, he decided to sneak into someone’s house and steal, which led to his later encounters. On that very “ordinary” day, he felt extremely lonely than ever…


Wang Zichen

Wang Zichen graduated from ESRA International Film School in 2018 and worked with French TV FN2 in 2019 and 2020. After returning to China, he has directed some commercials. Now he wants to return to the field of film creation.

Director's statement

My intention is to use a simple plot, as well as an obscure and fragmented way to portray the emergence of a teenager’s existential crisis. Rather than focusing on the description of the boy’s deafness, I try to bring out that this might be the reason for him being solitary. While the complicated family background that contradicts him—his family opens a mahjong parlor—explained why he stole without any hesitation. Some plots in the film “slightly” use the technique of magic realism to visualize the boy’s background, to make him always at variance with the place he lives. At the same time, this technique is also to recall my special memory of the place where I lived as a child. (The filming location is my hometown)