半个小夜曲 30
半个小夜曲 16

Vagrant Bebop

World Premiere Wang Xide | 2022 | China | 109min | Fiction
Wang Xide|Siniang, Zhao Jin|Wang Shimiao, Jia Ru|Song Wenxiang, Qian Xiaoyi|Cheng Zhijin, Wang Xide|Tan Zhuoqing|Zhang Jingzi|ChiliChill|Wang Yuchen|Mou Ruini, Qi Yi, Xu Tao, Xiao Xiangen, Tan Zhuoqing, Qian Mi, Yue Qiushan


In the winter, space and time unfold in parallel in a small cafe. Seven men and women of different backgrounds meet and part from each other.


Wang Xide

Wang Xide majored in film theory at Bournemouth University, UK. He is currently based in Changzhou, China, a small city built and developed by the riverside of the Great Canal, where he was born and raised. His debut feature A CHAT premiered at FIRST International Film Festival, and later was selected to Vancouver International Film Festival, Cario International Film Festival, among many others. A CHAT won Best Film at Chongqing Youth Film Festival. VAGRANT BEBOP is his second feature film.

Director's statement

In this film, I endeavor to blur the timeline of the happenings. Our words and life experiences come from a variety of sources, time and space are paradoxically unified but intertwined, so I figure that audio-visual languages can be as diverse as possible. Using this way, I want to express my own feelings — no matter who we are, where we come from, where we have been, with what intensity human relationships have developed, we will eventually walk into the new unknown in one way or another. In the process of exploring the unknown, people might meet again. This film is in memory of three friends of mine who passed away.