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Every Dog Has His Day

World Premiere Wang Heze | 2021 | China | 90min | Fiction
Wang Heze|Zhao Xiu|Guo Jinjie, Yang Yang|Guo Xiaodong, Wang Heze|Chen Xiaoguang|Zhang Jinyan, Long Xiaozhu|Guo Xiaotian, Guo Sizhi|Li Huanhuan, Wang Shuxian, Zhang Zhiyong, Zhang Xun


Xiao Xia is a laid-off worker from a tree farm who goes to a fortune-teller named Zhao, who is also one of her relatives, in an effort to turn her life around. On her way back home, Xiao Xia accidentally falls over. Her husband, Mantou says he’s just met a new friend and that his fortunes are looking up. In the middle of the night, Xiao Xia wakes up from her dreams. This carries on for several days. In her confusion, she goes to visit Zhao again and is told that she must become a fortune-teller. Damingbai recommends Piao to Xiao Xia, and asks if she can find his friend. She promises to do this and brings a huge roll of money. Mantou uses this money to invest in Xing’s training agency (pyramid scheme). Xiao Xia makes no progress and has to give the money back to Piao. Mantou is driven into a desperate situation after being detained and tortured by Xing, and desperately tries to escape. Xiao Xia hears someone knock at home, realizing that she was still lying in the snow…


Wang Heze

Wang Heze, director. After graduating from CAFA, Heze worked at CCTV engaged in documentaries, promotional videos and commercials. He started his film career as a photographer. In 2016, his first short film was shortlisted at the 53rd Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, the 13th China Independent Film Festival and the 32nd Berlin International Short Film Festival. His first fiction script was nominated at the 11th FIRST International Film Festival Financing Forum, and was filmed in 2018 in co-production with Tieling Folk Art Troupe.

Director's statement

The work EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY was inspired by the society I live in. Modern Chinese society is developing rapidly, people are under great pressure, and their lives are full of heavy needs. When these needs do not appeal to them, they always look for other ways to balance them out. When there is no way to satisfy their needs, they sometimes turn to God. People are divided into classes, rich and poor, but to God, all human beings are the same. Not everyone has faith, but everyone has desires. This film attempted to use an easy method of illustrating the difficulties in people’s lives. By using a kind of highly-textured small-town environment that Chinese audiences are most familiar with and folk legends, the film attempts to communicate with the audience. Behind the black comedy humor, it has a somewhat realistic vibe.

Every Dog Has His Day