Huang Shuqin | 1987 | China | 108min | Fiction
Huang Shuqin丨Li Quangen丨Li Ziyu, Song Guoxun丨Ji hongsheng, Xia Lixing, Zhang Chuanxia丨Pei Yanling, Li Baotian, Xu Shouli


In the 1950s in northern China, little Qiu Yun’s parents were both opera singers who performed together in THE WEDDING OF CHUNG KUEI’S SISTER. Qiu learnt how to play in secret. When Qiu was a young girl, she was found to be a born opera singer, but her father was worried that she would follow her mother’s path. Qiu’s father insisted that she had to leave this field, but Qiu said that she would continue at whatever cost. She soon became the backbone of the team.
As she got older, Qiu grew affection for her mentor, who was married. He was forced to leave for the sake of Qiu’s future.
When she became the mother of two children, Qiu was determined to return to the stage and play in THE WEDDING OF CHUNG KUEI’S SISTER again. Qiu finally became famous for her exquisite skills, but her success in career couldn’t harbor her unrevealed pain……


Huang Shuqin

Huang Shuqin was born in Tianjin in 1939. In 1981, She entered Department of Directing of Beijing Film Academy in 1959 and joined the Shanghai Film Studio in 1964. She made her own works from 1981. Her works include many films, television series, operas and dramas, including FOREVER YOUNG, WOMAN - DEMON - HUMAN, A SOUL HAUNTED BY PAINTING and FORTRESS BESIEGED. Huang Shuqin is a fourth-generation Chinese director with great success. WOMAN - DEMON - HUMAN has been hailed as "the first female film in China". Her films have won numerous awards. She pursued a distinctive artistic personality and advocated "tiny subjects with deep sensations".