The Birth of New China

Xiao Guiyun | Li Qiankuan | 1989 | China | 171min | Fiction
Xiao Guiyun丨Li Qiankuan丨Zhang Jingping丨Zhang Tianmin丨Zhang Xiaotian丨Liu Xing丨Guo Chen丨Li Li丨Zhang Xingwen丨Wu Fanghai丨Shi Wanchun丨Gu Yue丨Sun Feihui丨Huang Kai


The victory in Liao-Shen, Huaihai, and Ping-Tsin caused Chiang to falter and then make a speech that introduced a puppet president, directing a scandalous drama of false retreat and real manipulation. On 21 January 1949, Chiang Kai-shek hosted a high-level military meeting at Xikou in a vain attempt to prevent the PLA from crossing the Yangtze River. In April, Mao Zedong and Zhu De issued the order to march across the country. The People’s Liberation Army captured the presidential palace and triumphantly liberated Nanjing, followed by Chiang Kai Shek’s escape to Taiwan and the liberation of most of the country one after another. The birth of new China is imminent…


Xiao Guiyun

Xiao Guiyun was born in Harbin in 1941, she entered Beijing Film Academy in the early 1960s, graduated from the department of directing in 1965 and was assigned to Changchun Film Studio, where she began her career as an independent director and co-director in 1977.


Li Qiankuan

Li Qiankuan was born in Dalian on January 4, 1941. He graduated from the School of Fine Art of Beijing Film Academy in 1964, then worked as an artist in Changchun Film Studio, before turning to directing in 1976, and co-directing a series of films with Xiao Guiyun from 1981, including THE BIRTH OF NEW CHINA.