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Officially designated hotel
Sofitel Xining New Hualian Hotel

Sofitel Xining New Hualian Hotel belongs to the luxury hotel brand of French Accor Group, which presents its French romantic and elegant appearance with exquisite and ingenious design."Platinum five-star" standard, with superior geographical location, perfect supporting facilities, high-end service experience to become the chief business center of Xining.The largest five-star luxury hotel in northwest China will become one of the main fronts of the FIRST youth film exhibition.At the same time, due to its superior geographical location, it has become the best choice for FIRST Youth Film Exhibition.

Location:No. 63, Wusi West Road, Chengxi District, Xining city, Qinghai Province, China



Official Cooperative hotel
The Boleyab Hotel
Opposite the gate 3 of Wanda Plaza, Building 5, 130 Xiguan Street, West District of Xining city, The Hotel has panoramic suites, luxury suites, executive suites.Parent-child room, standard room, big bed room and other types of rooms attract a large number of tourists to stay every year.

Location:Opposite to Gate 3, Wanda Plaza, Building 5, No. 130 Xiguan Street, West District, Xining City



Xining Xingcheng Hotel (Haihu Wanda Plaza)
Xingcheng Hotel (Xining Haihu Wanda Plaza) is located in the northwest corner of Huaxiang Building, 128 Xiguan Street, Chengxi District, Xining city, and is surrounded by Wanda Plaza.The hotel has 160 rooms of various types, such as senior king-size room, double room, family room and Japanese main room. Every year, as the FIRST young director, the hotel insists on giving each director more surprises and constant high-quality service.

Location:No.128, Xiguan Street, Chengxi District, Xining city



Hanting is preferred
Hanting Youjia (Wanda Plaza store in Xining Haibu New District) is located at the entrance of Haibu New District in Xiadu, on The West Wusi Street in the west district of the city. It is only a stone's throw away from Qinghai Department Store and Guofu Department Store. It is convenient to go to the commercial lane, Liumengbuye Street and Koufu Street.

Location:1st floor, Tang Mansion Apartment, 637 Tang Road, Tongsheng Road



Xining Baofeng International Hotel
Xining Baofeng International Hotel is located in Wanda Plaza, east of Xinhualian Plaza, around Qinghai Grand Theatre; During the FIRST Youth Film Exhibition from July 20 to July 28 every year, Baofeng International Hotel provides accommodation for the film festival volunteers. In 2018, I stayed in Baofeng for the FIRST time.Communication and stories are happening.

Location:139 Xiguan Street, Chengxi District, Xining city



Xining Mengli Qiba Youth Hostel
Xining Mengli Qiba Youth Hostel is located at the crossing of Wuyi. Short-distance walks to Wuyi Cultural Palace, the Dongguan Mosque and Mojia Street are practical. There are shuttle buses directly arriving at Well Lane, Qinghai Museum, Limeng Walking Street and other popular places. All rooms has independent bathrooms in this international youth hostel. With special and concise interior decorations, the hostel is designed with its own travel bookshop, water bar, music book bar, table tennis and all kinds of board games.

Location:No.17-1, Wuyi Rd. , Chengdong District, Xining

Phone:(+86) 15297016136