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Special reminder: July is the peak tourist season in Xining. If you arrive in Xining by plane or train, be sure to plan your trip as early as possible and buy tickets in advance.

According to the notification from xining City's Chengxi District epidemic Prevention Headquarters, people arriving in Xining from low-risk areas in Beijing, Wuhan and Jilin province,

A negative nucleic acid test certificate and health pass code "green code" within 7 days of arrival are required. Personnel in the above areas should make reasonable arrangements Nucleic acid test time.

In order to cooperate with the inspection of airport and railway station staff, it is suggested that you reserve sufficient time and do a good job in personal protection Must understand the local prevention and control regulations, reasonable travel arrangements

On a plane

Taking a plane is the most convenient and efficient way to get to Xining. Hainan Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines and other major cities have non-stop domestic flights to XNN Caojiapu Airport.If you are going from abroad to Xining, you may need to transfer in Beijing or Shanghai, please be sure to leave enough time in the transit city to pass the customs.

Caojiapu Airport has fewer monthly flights to some provinces and cities. It is also a good choice to take the train to Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport or Xi 'an Xianyang International Airport, which have more routes.

Drive to

Self-driving is one of the best ways to get to Xining. The magnificent Qinghai Lake, the solemn Pagoda Temple, and the open-air screening of FIRST Qinghai Lake are all must-see scenery on the road.Drive to Xining can choose to take Beijing-Kunming expressway, Lanhai expressway and Beijing-Tibet expressway. After arriving in Xining, you can go to Qinghai Lake and other scenic spots from the Beijing-Tibet expressway.

Take the train

Xining railway station is located in Jianguo Road, Chengdong district, Xining city, Qinghai Province. Xining Railway Station was officially opened in 2014, and there are direct trains to Xining from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi 'an, Lanzhou, Jinan, Taiyuan and other cities.

Trains arriving in Xining cover almost every part of the country. On your way west to Xining, you will find a city that is both rugged and tender, with an endless aftertaste. Such as high-speed rail travel,

It is necessary to remind you that there are few direct high-speed railway lines to Xining at present. You can transfer to Xining Station in the following cities:
Departure city → Xi 'an → Xining Station
Departure city → Lanzhou → Xining Station

Attend FIRST

Upon arrival in Xining, festival guests should go to the Registration center (Sofitel Hotel) to collect their credentials.

The certificate is an important proof for going to the cinema and going to the festival. It is no less important than the mobile phone you carry with you.

All guests are required to complete the registration process via email and mobile phone on the official website, obtain official receipt, and receive their exclusive certificates on site. Invitation letter and FIRST Film Festival companion gift.

The airport arrival

Caojiapu Airport is about 28 kilometers from the city center.Airport buses in Qinghai Hotel, central plaza, Xining Hotel, Wuyi Road, Seven First road, Bayi bus terminus are set off, charge: 21 yuan/person, 30-40 minutes each trip.A taxi from the airport to the city costs about 100 yuan per car.There are shuttle buses between the airport and the registration center during the festival.

Station arrival

Take bus No. 47, 9 and 31 from the railway station to Wenhui Junction station or Haihu Middle School station to reach the Sofitel Hotel.Take nos. 104, 31 and 9 to modern Women's Hospital station to reach Xiali Lijing Hotel.

From Railway Station to other Xining Destinations

You can take Bus No. 47, 9 or 31 to Wenhui Lukou or Haihu Middle School (Haihu Zhongxue), then walk to Sofitel Xining; or you can take Bus No. 104, 31 or 9 to Modern Maternity Hospital in Xining (Xiandai Fuchan Yiyuan), then walk to Summer Beauty Hotel.

The traffic in the city

The bus

In Xining, there are dozens of bus lines connecting the city and its suburbs. Most of the fares are 1 yuan.Xining railway station, management station bus station (the southern part of the city, Nanchuan East Road and Nanshan Road intersection) have a bus to the Temple.

The taxi

Xining city taxi fare: 8 yuan /3 km, 1.6 yuan/km (1.9 yuan/km after 22:00)

Share the traffic

Xining city has opened online car-hailing and bike-sharing, you can download the corresponding software to use.