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Xining special cuisine

Grasp mutton, Qinghai old yoghurt, roast mutton, fermented leather, sweet fermented grains, various kinds of noodles, Huangyuan Liji, Qinghai soil hot pot and so on.

Relevant shops can be searched on dianping or Meituan app.

Gastronomy camp:

Tang Dao 637 (near Sofitel Hotel), Limeng Pedestrian Street, Xinghai Road, Mojia Street all have special food city for you to taste.

If you have time, head to the eastern part of the city. Any halal restaurant is a good choice for qinghai cuisine, but be sure to respect the customs of ethnic minorities

Xining Food Concentration Area:

Xinghai Road (nearby), Mojiajie, Hutai

Recommend Restaurants

Kuisheng Restaurant

Address: No. 38-2 Dongcheng Trench, Huangyuan County
Tel: 0971-2432551

Gajin Wa Sheep Intestinal Noodle General Store

Address: No. 9 Construction Lane, Chengbei District
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Malsha Niuzao

Address: Downstairs of Haiyi Building, Chengxi District
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Yanfu Hotel (Xingwang Lane)

Address: No. 100 Nanchuan East Road, Chengzhong District
Tel: 0971-6271948 13709767020
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Lotus seed production

Address: No. 1-29, Zhonghua Lane, Chengxi District
Tel: 0971-6153460

Hou Ji jingwei instant mutton

Address: 50 metres east of the intersection of Hutai 4th Lane and Xiguan Street, Chengxi District
Tel: 0971-6317573
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Raw roast lamb chops go to Datong County

Datong raw roast lamb chop; Gazhangwa raw roast lamb chop; Sorama is Datong raw roast
Address: Near No. 3 Bridge, Datong County