Forever Young

Huang Shuqin | 1983 | China | 94min | Fiction
Huang Shuqin丨Chen Rongxuan丨Wang Meng, Zhang Xian丨Shan Lianguo丨Wang Hanchang, Wei Chunbao丨Zhang Min, Ren Yexiang, Liang Yan, Qin Ling, Shi Tianyin, Wu Junmei, Cai Guoqing


The story takes place in a secondary school in Beijing in the early fifties. As the new school year begins, Zheng Bo runs into Tian Lin, a newspaper editor, and they recall the time when they carry out underground work together on the eve of the liberation of Beijing. After watching a Soviet film, Li Chun makes a fool of her classmate Wu Changfu, but soon is criticized by the teacher. Yang Qiangyun, inspired by her teacher, takes the initiative to help her classmate Suning, who comes from a family with old-minded parents. When she hears that Suning has gone into a church with Hu Mali to pray, she bursts into tears with anger. However, she is lost for words when she learns about Suning’s childhood misfortune……


Huang Shuqin

Huang Shuqin was born in Tianjin in 1939. In 1981, She entered Department of Directing of Beijing Film Academy in 1959 and joined the Shanghai Film Studio in 1964. She made her own works from 1981. Her works include many films, television series, operas and dramas, including FOREVER YOUNG, WOMAN - DEMON - HUMAN, A SOUL HAUNTED BY PAINTING and FORTRESS BESIEGED. Huang Shuqin is a fourth-generation Chinese director with great success. WOMAN - DEMON - HUMAN has been hailed as "the first female film in China". Her films have won numerous awards. She pursued a distinctive artistic personality and advocated "tiny subjects with deep sensations".