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Jiao Yulu

Wang Jixing | 1990 | China | 100min | Fiction
Wang Jixing丨Deng Wuwei, Zhang Wenping丨Fang Yihua丨Qiang Jun丨Cheng Jinchang丨Fu Zhengyi丨Lv Qiming丨Li Xuejian


In the winter of 1962, Jiao Yulu was sent to Lankao County in Henan Province to be the second secretary of the County Party Committee. Soon after, based on his own thorough investigation, he came up with a plan to deal with the local environmental issues. However, his working methods which emphasize direct connection with the people led to the discontent of the county mayor, Wu Rongxian.
After he was promoted to county Party secretary, Jiao Yulu insisted on working on the front line almost every day, despite the frequent swelling and pain in his liver. He was loved by the people. Later, when Lankao was stricken by a huge flood, Jiao Yulu insisted on going to the front line regardless of his deteriorating health conditions.


Wang Jixing

Born in October 1949 in Wuxiang, Shanxi, Wang Jixing is a Chinese film scriptwriter and director. 1978, he entered the Department of Literature of Beijing Film Academy. After graduation, he went to Emei Film Studio, where he worked as a scriptwriter, director and deputy director of Emei Film Studio. He has published a number of film scripts, which had received good response.